Twitch explains how he fights hate raids


Amid growing frustration over Twitch’s lack of a hard-hitting response to “hate raids,” Twitch issues another statement detailing its efforts.

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Tic is currently going through a crisis. Content creators on the live streaming platform are being targeted by hostile actors who use Twitch’s chat and other systems to propagate fanatic harassment. Twitch previously acknowledged the ongoing issues and announced that it was taking further steps to prevent harassment, but so far those efforts have proven ineffective. Due to continued pressure from Twitch streamers to do more, Twitch has now released another statement on the subject.

In a thread of four tweets posted to Twitter, Twitch first says bluntly that “No one should have to endure malicious and hate attacks based on who they are or what they represent.” Twitch is making it clear that what is happening is not acceptable and that they are working on a solution. In other words, Twitch is repeating the same sentiment it first shared on Twitter earlier in August.

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From there, Twitch tries to provide context to the situation, detailing both what’s going on and why an immediate solution doesn’t come up. He first states that the harassment comes from “badly motivated actors”. These bad actors are said to be actively reacting to any changes that Twitch makes, looking for ways to continue spreading insults in response to every move Twitch makes to prevent them.

Twitch also wants to make it clear that it is working to prevent them. It says it is “continuously updated [Twitch’s] site-wide banned word filters “and” remove bots when identified “.

Twitch also says it’s doing more behind the scenes to tackle harassment, including creating “channel-level ban evasion detection and account enhancements.” However, he says he can’t go into details of these systems, or other ways he tries to counter malicious behavior, in order to avoid giving bad actors time to counter Twitch’s efforts. . The company says it also makes invisible changes every day. Basically, Twitch is asking content creators to believe it’s making an effort, even though that effort has so far been ineffective.

The response to Twitch’s latest statements is understandably negative. Twitch streamers and their followers are tired of receiving fanatic hate raids in their chats often multiple times a day. The fact that no tangible solution is presented and many streamers have to resort to third-party tools to get up-to-date ban lists only generates frustration. That said, Twitch is clearly continuing an open dialogue on the matter and asking for more comment. As such, it’s just a matter of how long Tic streamers will need to settle the matter before an official solution is presented.

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