Time to reset after Zack Scott is fired


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It’s time to hit the reset button.

Mets owner Steve Cohen can look around his office today and see no familiar faces he’s brought in. The Mets front office is completely turned around for the second time in as many years with the departures of Jared Porter and Zack Scott. If Cohen is to make a difference for this franchise, the first thing he’ll need is stability.

A month’s search for a baseball operations president or general manager isn’t any closer to an end than it was at the end of the season. They move from candidate to candidate as the bandits have moved from town to town in the Old West.

We are now at the fourth stage of the front office search. Expectations changed to “maybe it isn’t so bad to promote someone from the inside”. And when you have more candidates than a presidential primary, it’s not unreasonable.

Inside the Mets has identified Ian Levin and Tommy Tanous as possible promotion options. They are both experienced and certainly qualified. More importantly, they’ve been with the Mets for years stuck in professional purgatory with this franchise.

Levin has been with the Mets since 2005, when he was a media relations intern. He has since served as the Amateur Scout Coordinator, Director of Baseball Analysis, Director of Minor League Operations and Director of Player Development. He worked for five general managers of the Mets.

Tanous joined the Mets as a professional recruiter in 2011 and took over as recruiting director ahead of the 2012 season. He was promoted to his current role in 2017. He was directly involved in writing and signing of Michel Conforto, Jeff McNeil, and Pete Alonso to name a few.

Ten and 16 years as a Mets fan is hard enough, imagine having to work for them too.

Are Levin and Tanous the only options? Of course not. Boston’s Raquel Ferraria would be another great hire and hopefully change the culture of the Mets front office.

When the Mets think about stability, they’ll have to consider the rest of the squad as well. They are looking for another manager and coach (without Jeremy Hefner). No team has a better group of players hitting free agents than the Mets. Only Sandy Alderson is able to survive the constant turnover.

It’s time to restart. Something has to change and it starts at the top. Whoever the Mets decide to hire has better be there for the long haul.

Time to reset after Zack Scott is fired

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