The trailer for No Way Home delayed, and you’ll hate the possible reason why


Spider-Man: No Path Home is the fourth MCU movie of the year, set for release on December 17. But it will also be the most important Marvel movie of the year, considering what the leaks continue to tell us. No way home will be the MCU’s first multiverse movie with Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) helping Spider-Man (Peter Parker) fix a huge multiverse issue following the events of Loki. But four months from the launch of the film, there is no official Spider-Man: No Path Home trailer in theaters or online.

We expected Sony and Marvel to release at least one teaser for the film thus far. But after Loki, we realized that the two studios could not release any Spider-Man 3 footage it would allude to the multiverse. Even after the Loki finale, Sony and Marvel could do their best not to confirm the secret that most Marvel fans know. But what if there is a different explanation for the No way home trailer delay?

Sony launched Far from home marketing in early 2019, which would have shaken Marvel in the process. We got to see Peter Parker alive and well in a trailer leading up to the Avengers: Endgame first. We all thought that End of Game would bring back all of the dead superheroes, Spider-Man included. But the Sony clip confirmed it. However, this trailer did not contain any details that would reveal the timeline of events.

This Spider-Man: No Path Home trailer delay theory will annoy everyone

It looks like the studio is not repeating its mistake with the No way home trailer. Again, the stakes are much higher for Spider-Man 3. It’s a different movie than anything Sony has done so far in its live-action movies. A few years ago, we saw multiple Spider-People on the same adventure in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. But Sony’s animated success story is not part of the MCU.

We first heard months ago that Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield would be playing Spider-Man versions of their respective films. Sony and Marvel would have wanted to keep this detail secret as long as possible. Same now that the secret is out, we would always expect the early trailers to avoid mentioning the other versions of Spider-Man.

In other words, there is no doubt that the marketing campaign for No way home is going to be difficult. On the other hand, the Spider-Man 3 the film practically sells itself thanks to these exciting rumors and leaks.

A more sinister theory on the No way home the trailer’s delay will annoy everyone. The bottom line is that Sony might not be sure if it will stick to the December 17 release date. The coronavirus pandemic has taken another turn, with a new wave ravaging the world. Authorities are advising vaccinations and wearing masks to reduce the threat of the delta variant, and new variants are emerging. What if Sony and Marvel had to delay Spider-Man 3 Again?

The current MCU movie schedule for 2021

We’re supposed to see two more MCU movies in theaters before No way home spear. Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings arrives on September 3, with Eternals following November 5. contrary to Black Widow, the remaining MCU movies will not launch on Disney Plus Premier Access. Not to mention that No way home is a property of Sony. A day and date launch of Disney Plus can be problematic.

There is no doubt that No way home reportedly exceeded $ 1 billion at the box office before the pandemic. The worsening health crisis will make it a difficult target.

Venom: let there be carnage is also a Sony film, part of its own universe of Spider-Man stories. The sequel will hit theaters on September 24, with Sony releasing a new trailer a few days ago (see below). But a Redditor observed that the Venom 2 the trailer does not have a release date. Instead, Sony is telling audiences that the film will launch “in theaters this fall.” Could this be an indication that a delayed release is possible?

The Redditor behind this leak says we won’t have a No way home trailer soon if delays are in order. But that’s speculation right now. We will have to wait for the next marketing actions from Sony and Marvel to No way home.

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