Texas educator calls evangelicals “kooks” who hate to read

A Texas educator is under fire today after making fun of “evangelicals” as fanatics who hate to read.

The poem calls evangelicals “nuts” who hate to read

Fox News Reports Former Round Rock School District teacher Krista Tyler read the poem at the Leander School Board meeting on December 16.

What did the educator read at the school board meeting?

Her comments were made in this Dr. Seuss style poem which she recited during the meeting:

Everyone in Léandre liked to read a lot, but some Evangelicals in Léandre did not like it. These crazy people hated reading, all reading season. Please don’t ask why, no one really knows the reason. Maybe it could be the scary critical thinking. Their heads may not be screwed on properly. But whatever the reason, their brain or their fear, they cannot follow politics in black and white.

Some parents have expressed concerns about certain books which they claim to be pornographic. But Tyler urged the board not to listen to these outrageous complaints. She continued to read her poem:

These fanatics don’t choose for us, that’s clear. So how, I wonder, did we even get here. They growl in our meetings, all panting and buzzing, “We have to stop this indoctrination from coming!” They came for the books and the bonds and why? Their kids don’t even attend Leander Schools anymore. Bring back our books, keep the decorum, dammit. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a peaceful meeting?

Parents are unhappy. Dustin Clark tells Fox “I am disgusted and disheartened that there are teachers in our school district who think it is okay to mock parents for their religious beliefs and demand that children not have access to books in the library. or the classroom with pornographic illustrations and graphic descriptions. sexual acts. ”Clark, who has four children in schools, was arrested for speaking at a board meeting.

Tyler sent this statement to Fox news:

Krista Tyler was not an employee of any school district at the time of this reporting and is another relative of Leander ISD. At no time did she represent a school district. It was not an attack on Christianity and had nothing to do with Round Rock ISD.

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