Some Twitch streamers boycott hateful Twitch raids on Wednesday


A number of Twitch channels will be shutting down on Wednesday, September 1 in protest against the platform. It comes after many streamers claimed that Twitch had not taken sufficient action against hate raids, which plagued marginalized streamers in recent weeks.

As reported by The edge, the #ADayOffTwitch blackout was planned by Shiney pen, Lucia Everblack, and RekItRaven following the Twitter campaign, #TwitchDoBetter. The Twitter campaign was run by RekItRaven as a way to pressure Twitch to provide better tools and protections for streamers on its platform. The problem first surfaced a few weeks ago when “hate raids” began to occur on a regular basis, where a flood of bots entered a streamer’s chat, sending all the same racist or fanatic comments.

While Twitch released a statement on Twitter About the #TwitchDoBetter campaign, however, she didn’t provide any details on what she was doing. He published a second statement a week and a half later to respond to the fact that he has taken no action against the hate raids. However, all he said was that he is working on it and does not want to inform the people organizing these raids about his plans.

The #ADayOffTwitch blackout was staged in an attempt to force Twitch to take immediate action to protect streamers from hateful actions.

“One day off [Twitch] largely is to come together in solidarity. A day off is one step in the many steps we need to take towards change, ”ShineyPen told The Verge.

RekItRaven also said the blackout was more about bundling small streamers together than actively hurting Twitch’s profits. The response from the community has been mixed, with some streamers feeling the outage is unnecessary and others unable to take time off due to contractual obligations.

Some bigger streamers have had negative reactions to the move. Asmongold, a great World of Warcraft streamer who recently upgraded to Final Fantasy XIV, said on a stream, “Nobody cares if you take a day off. Nobody knows who you are.”

Asmongold went on to say that he believed in the power of numbers and would participate if a big streamer got involved, despite being a big streamer himself, having 2.4 million followers on Twitch.

A Twitch representative told The Verge that he is aware of the outage and supports the content creators who participate in it. According to Lucia Everblack, the discussion around #ADayOffTwitch shows that she has already been successful in shaping the conversation and pushing Twitch to make some big changes.

“We don’t just want solutions to current problems,” Everblack told The Verge. “We want policies in place so that these kinds of problems never happen again or at least never get so bad.”

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