Peter Dinklage is only partly right about Finale’s hatred

Peter Dinklage comes to the defense of the Game of Thrones finale, and while he’s largely right, he’s wrong about a few things.

Game of thrones has had its fair share of backlash for the controversial series finale, so there isn’t really a definitive answer as to whether the fantasy series ending is considered good or bad. While these opinions are subjective, Tyrion Lannister actor Peter Dinklage seems to believe the final hate is unwarranted, but there are a few things that he might have got wrong with that statement.

The series finale, “The Iron Throne”, was eagerly awaited by fans and critics alike. Even though the eighth season gradually received critical comments for its unusual narrative pace and shocking character regression, more than 19 million viewers tuned in to see where all of their favorite characters would end up. Much like the previous episode, “The Bells,” which featured Daenerys’ turn as Mad Queen, “The Iron Throne” drew polarized responses criticizing how well some of the character arcs ended. Well, two years after the show ended, Peter Dinklage is speaking out on the finale and his criticism from the fans.

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In an interview with the New York Times, Dinklage acknowledges the hateful comments but actively dismisses their desire for a happy ending, saying, “”Game of thrones‘told us it wasn’t this show from the start. He further commented that if fans wanted “pretty white people to go out together at sunset,” the show was successful because it turned their expectations down by setting Daenerys town on fire. King’s Landing and Jon betray her by killing her. There was also a conversation about the big question of the finale: who would be on the throne? the throne, because the spectacle has become much more than that.

Dinklage made a few fair points with regard to the criticism. The show managed to subvert expectations, as most people believed that if Daenerys were to go mad, it would have been done much earlier, possibly in Season 7, to fully flesh out her arc. The Burning of King’s Landing was a surprising move for her character who firmly believed that the town’s poor were forced to live under Cersei’s rule. When the word “dracarys” slipped from her mouth, she rejected all her beliefs and let her hereditary madness take hold of her. As for her relationship with Jon, when it was revealed that they were related by blood, it was immediately doomed to failure. Even though there is an excessive amount of incest on the show, it still shows that the people in the relationship are inherently bad or misguided by their own mistakes.

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Game of Thrones Finals

Even though those moments from the finale are at the top of the pro roster, there is a lot that Dinklage still ignores like what pushed the show into the ground. Daenerys’ arc in Mad Queen looks fantastic on paper, but the writers decided to skip character development in between and went straight to the end result which made her arc look incredibly out of place. Daenerys may have had blood on her hands before, but that was because she had the best intentions for those who suffered at the hands of those who abused their power. The final season in general seemed to have lost its rhythm as the number of episodes was reduced to six episodes instead of the usual 10 (although the seventh season had seven).

And while fans expected Daenerys or Jon to take the throne in their rightful name, it was ultimately Bran who was elected by Tyrion Lannister. Considering that Bran said earlier in the season that he “couldn’t be the lord of anything” due to his status as a Three-Eyed Raven, he was extremely happy to succeed the throne, which meant he would be in. made a king. Her development, like that of Daenerys, made a total of 180 of her personality and beliefs that contradict previous actions and statements.

The only main characters who got an ending that aptly matches their character seem to be the rest of the Starks. Sansa, as Queen of the North, has finally done her character justice for her unfortunate journey, and Arya bound for the West satisfies the curiosity within her. And even though Jon is banned from Beyond the Wall, he does what he does best, which is to help and protect others. But Dinklage’s comments raise a much more complex question: Was the finale criticized for its narrative, or just because fans didn’t like where the characters ended up? So argued on behalf of Dinklage, it’s because not everyone had a happy ending, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great story. On the flip side, a well-paced narrative is hard to pull off for the end of a popular show, and high expectations certainly didn’t make it easy for the writers.

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