#ADayOffTwitch is a one-day protest against hate raids


Twitch streamers are holding an online protest in hopes it will lead to action against the ever-growing problem of hate raids targeting marginalized content creators.

Gathered under the hashtag #ADayOffTwitch, streamers around the world plan to cut streams and audiences on the platform next week, September 1. Organized by content creators Lucia Everblack, Shine, and Rek It Raven, the protest intends to slash ad revenue for a day to send Twitch a message that content creators and streamers want the platform to take this issue seriously.

Nor are these raids just trolls looking to bring people up. These are swarms of robots posting everything from full-fledged homophobic, transphobic, racist and Nazi imagery in chat rooms, to try to push marginalized creators off the platform.

Many other streamers are already stepping in, expressing their support and agreeing to participate in the protest.

Twitch itself responded to these growing concerns about harassment and hate speech earlier this month, but the problem persists nonetheless. Hopefully #ADayOffTwitch’s calls for change lead to lasting change.

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