Why Ja Morant is a clown on TikTok


Ja Morant, Memphis Grizzlies (Photo by Alex Goodlett / Getty Images)

The star point guard of the Memphis Grizzlies missed the NBA All-Star Game in 2021 but has had a hugely successful season. After a slow start to shooting, Ja Morant didn’t have the same sophomore jump that many analysts expected.

Thankfully, the Grizzlies played well around him, paving the way for a successful playoff year that saw them win two games in the NBA play-in tournament.

During this time, Morant was improving gradually throughout the year. While the numbers don’t come off the page like good stats, the former Murray State guard ended his season on an extremely high note.

In the NBA Playoffs, Ja Morant averaged 30.2 points per game, smashing the Grizzlies’ old record. He resumed the series, also setting a new playoff scoring record with 47 points.

Memphis Grizzlies PG Ja Morant Clown On TikTok For Questionable Post

Despite Morant’s meteoric rise to the NBA, the best basketball league in the world, people still find ways to hate the point guard.

After a busy offseason week that saw Morant make a treadmill workout along with Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette, the point guard was again spotted in Florida.

Earlier this week, Ja Morant showed up to play in the Miami Pro League. This was shown in a clip which was reposted by House of Highlights on Instagram, showing Morant missing a pair of shots, getting the ball stolen multiple times and scoring on an alley-oop finish.

While the weak spots looked bad, it was clear Morant was putting in around 30% effort. He jogged the field, took shots he would never try in an NBA game, and tried to make flashy games.

Fortunately, everyone besides the person who posted the video saw this firsthand. The comments were overwhelmingly supportive of Morant, mentioning that he is supposed to relax to avoid injury. Here are some of the comments.

“guys hate” -Cole Anthony

“Do you really think this man is about to come and risk his millions?” “-Tasha Cloud

“The Lmao Grizzly Bears Said If You Go You Better Play It Safe” -Chigoziem Okonkwo

Even Morant himself commented on the video, likely citing the team’s coaching staff, senior management and basketball coaches with “be careful, don’t hurt yourself.”

Obviously, this was simply an attempt to get the attention of whoever posted the video. As mentioned in the replay caption by House of Highlights, Morant could easily lose 50 in any game if he had to put in the effort.

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