Tollywood actor visits cops after 2 years of ‘dark skin’ online abuse | Calcutta News

KOLKATA: TV actor Shruti Das has filed a complaint against the police after receiving an avalanche of hateful comments online about his dark complexion since 2019, after taking a break from Bengali soap operas.
In doing so, Das, 23, may have become the first person in the Tollywood industry to officially file a complaint against such form of abuse.

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The incident underscores our color bias. Only modern education from an early age can erase such deeply rooted social prejudices.

Das, who plays the character of Noah, the main character of the ‘Desher Mati’ series, claims that online abuse has started since she took the role in 2019, with comments becoming more and more vicious as the series was starting to become more popular.
“The trolls accuse me of having manipulated my partner, who is a director, to get this role. They claim that otherwise it would have been impossible for a dark person like me to have such a chance, ”Das told TOI.
On Thursday, she tagged Kolkata police in a social media post, citing the abuse. “I was told to file my complaint at the police station via email,” she said, adding, “I did and I am waiting for action.”
Contacted, Lalbazar officials said they were in contact with Das and an investigation was underway.
Leena Gangopadhyay, President of the West Bengal Commission for Women, who is also the writer of the series, said: “Strong laws are needed to deal with such attacks. It is the result of personal frustration and social meanness. Our commission will ensure that there are laws which punish the guilty in exemplary fashion. ”
Das also received unwavering support from his colleagues. Saibal Banerjee, who co-directs the series, said it “suggests that we are still stuck in the middle ages.”
Actor Dibyojyoti Dutta, who faces Das, said, “I know talent and glamor have nothing to do with skin tone. We worship gods who are dark. Why then should she be mistreated in this way? It must stop.
What has shocked industry insiders is that there have been several instances in Tollywood of leading actors with dark complexions, both on the big screen and on TV and OTT platforms. Paoli Dam, Parno Mittra, Ananya Chatterjee and Ankita Chakrabarti are just a few examples.
Das feels targeted because “no one would dare attack someone like Mittra, since she has been successful in the movies. I’m too new and I’m an easy target.

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