Louis Theroux has already made the best Tiger King sequel (where to watch it)

Netflix just released Tiger King Season 2, but here’s why Louis Theroux’s Shooting Joe Exotic is already Tiger King’s best sequel.

After last year’s success, King tiger season 2 has been released by Netflix – but Louis Theroux has already made the best sequel to Joe Exotic. Those who watched King tiger season 1 had hoped that Tiger King 2 would provide answers to some of the big questions surrounding Joe Exotic’s arrest. However, Louis Theroux has already returned to the case in his documentary film Louis Theroux: shooting of Joe Exotic, also released this year, and here’s why it did a better job.

First release in 2020, King tiger documented the ongoing battle between self-proclaimed zookeeper Joe Exotic and animal rights activist and wildlife sanctuary owner Carole Baskin and quickly became popular with the public adjusting to life under coronavirus lockdown. However, after the show ended, Joe was convicted of several federal offenses, including animal abuse and the vicarious murder of Baskin, and is currently serving a 22-year sentence. While there is still an active campaign for his forgiveness, the controversial Tiger King Zoo is now closed and it doesn’t look like he will be pardoned or pardoned anytime soon.


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Documentary director Louis Theroux first met Joe Exotic in 2011 when he featured his park in the documentary America’s most dangerous pets. Its 2021 documentary suite Louis Theroux: shooting of Joe Exotic for the BBC offers a unique insight into the King tiger scandal, showing never-before-seen footage from 2011 when tension between the zookeeper and Carole Baskin was mounting. In a music video, Joe asks Louis to turn off the camera before explaining to him that the feud was so tense as it was “get to the point where someone is going to die.“Louis points out that even though it was like a simple”speak”At the time, it seemed more and more serious in hindsight. It gives valuable context to the conflict, Joe’s state of mind, and everything that happened after Netflix was released. King tiger. contrary to Tiger King 2, Louis Theroux’s documentary looks back at raw footage taken before the battle escalated and analyzes what Joe said about his rival when he thought no one was filming.

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In terms of being the superior King tiger suite, Theroux’s Exotic Joe Shooting Also features Carole Baskin, who sits down with Louis to talk about her side of the story. In the Netflix original series, it was suggested that Carole could have played a role in the death of her first husband, Don Lewis in 1997. Since then, she has received constant hatred online regarding her involvement in shutting down operations. by Joe Exotic. In Louis’ documentary, she listens to some of the threatening voice messages sent to her and explains how the harassment has affected her life. While Tiger King 2 delved into the theories behind the death of her first husband, Carole Baskin refused to return, and her absence from the series is to her detriment. In contrast, the Louis Theroux sequel got people to hear Carole’s theory and also included her current husband who described Netflix’s portrayal of Carole as “unethical and downright cruel. Carole’s personal account of events elevated the sequel and made her a staple for fans of King tiger.

Unfortunately, Louis Theroux: shooting of Joe Exotic is not easy to find outside of the UK, not even in the US. For those who want to watch it online, there are a few ways to do it, although there are a few hurdles to jump through. It’s available for purchase through Amazon Prime Video, but only through the UK website – purchases in the US are geo-blocked. It is also available to watch on BBC iPlayer, which is unfortunately also limited to the UK. For now, American audiences will simply have to wait for its online release in the United States.

Compared to Tiger King 2, the Louis Theroux sequel delivered an unbiased account of events by speaking to people on both sides of the Joe Exotic vs. Carole Baskin feud, choosing deep and well-rounded research over superficial sensationalism and an artificially biased narrative. He also used footage of Joe from 2011 to provide new insight into his reckoning murder conviction. For these reasons, Louis Theroux: shooting of Joe Exotic is undoubtedly the best King tiger following.

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Tiger king 2 exotic joe jeff lowe

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