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NOIDA: In January last year, months before his 18th birthday, a 17-year-old boy showed up near Jamia Millia Islamia with a gun and shot at Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protesters .
He was convicted of attempted murder and under sections of the Weapons Act, but as a minor he was remanded in custody.
Sources said the boy was later released on bail after assurances from him and his family that he had been “repented” and that he had been “misled”. But the path he has taken since achieving freedom does not suggest it.
Last week, during a mahapanchayat in Pataudi, he called for attacks on the Muslim community. Since then, the pseudonym he uses has become a hashtag on social media.
The enraged conflagration of hatred has been almost uniformly denounced or disowned across the ideological divide of political opinion. But that doesn’t seem to matter to the 19-year-old. In a video making the rounds on Twitter, the boy says he sticks to what he says. And repeat them. A support hashtag was trending at the right time.
A ‘fan page’ on Instagram gives a glimpse into a very different life from that of the class XI student who left his home in a village in Gautam Budh Nagar on January 30 last year and turned in infamy.
The boy is seen among the cars, strutting on background scores and sitting behind a desk. The latest posts are screenshots that show it above the kappa variant of the coronavirus and promotions from Farhan Akhtar’s latest film.
This is not, however, proof of organic popularity for his opinion – another post specifies the date and time for ‘supporters’ to tweet in his favor (a video allegedly featuring the boy also had surfaced on social media in social media accounts were banned, an arrest hashtag was all the rage on Twitter, and his “followers” ​​should respond by turning the support hashtag into a trend).
His fanatical views, which are said to have been broadcast in multiple media outlets, are also recorded on the fan page, as is a note alleging police refusal to allow a proposed march to West Bengal ahead of assembly elections. early this year. An article marking the year of Jamia’s shooting – which took place on Martyrs Day (January 30) – describes the boy as the second Nathuram Godse.
“He’s in the netagiri now. The elders are supporting him too, ”said Satish, who lives in the same neighborhood as the boy. The boy’s family insist on their distance from him, claiming that he no longer lives with them and is an infrequent visitor. In a video on social media, however, the boy is seen wearing a garland as he is greeted at the village. In the crowd are both neighbors and relatives.
The boy’s grandfather confirmed to TOI that he was on bail and even enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program at an open university.
“He studies at the Ghaziabad center of the university. It is inter-pass. Sometimes he comes home, ”he says. His father, however, said the boy had stayed mainly in Delhi and elsewhere and had not discussed his plight with him. The family, he insisted, had “no connection” with him.
Local youth, however, keep a regular track of him on social media and WhatsApp groups.
“He is very active on social networks. He had been to Rajasthan and uploaded a video to Instagram about it, ”Satish said. While local groups, including the Bajrang Dal unit, denied any association with him, local youth said he had patronage. “He seems to be only interested in Bajrang Dal. He’s the main person here, ”said a local resident, who declined to give his name. On WhatsApp groups that connect local Bajrang Dal supporters, videos of the boy are shared widely.
Lalit Sharma, Gautam Budh Nagar chairman of Bajrang Dal, told TOI that the outfit does not support anyone who violates the Constitution.
“Since the BJP government came to power, there are so many young people who use the flags in our outfits without knowing anything about the outfits,” he said.
The boy’s cousin is a BJP Mandal Secretary in Gautam Budh Nagar. He told YOU that the boy had nothing to do with the party.
“We have tried to explain it to him on several occasions, but his thoughts have become completely ‘Hindutvawadi’ and he remains involved only in these activities,” he said.

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