Dixie D’Amelio Responds to Hateful Comments in Exclusive ‘The D’Amelio Show’ Music Video


Dixie D’Amelio realizes the effect of hateful comments on his sanity. In an exclusive PopCulture clip by The D’Amelio show, streaming now on Hulu, the 20-year-old TikTok star opens up to fellow social media influencer Quenlin Blackwell about how bizarre it is to constantly receive negative comments from strangers. Looking worriedly at her phone, Dixie admits she has a conversation with a girl who previously hated her in the comments after she fired back.

“And you try to talk to them, they’re like, ‘Oh no,'” Quen said knowingly, with Dixie sounding, “No, she was really nice, now we’re friends.” Quen replies, “Of course she’s really sweet. Like, ‘Oh my god, hi my friend’ with you,” ignoring the whole exchange. Meanwhile, Dixie is still glued to her phone, as comments calling her “boring” and “talentless” appear on the screen.

“Are you looking through the hateful comments of yourself?” Quen asks. “Like if you see a mean video, are you looking through the comments? Dixie admits she does it “of course,” but Quen advises her not to do it for her own sanity. “These are the people who don’t know that you are bringing their opinion on you,” she says. “It’s like, ‘You’ve never met me in person. How do you even have a strong opinion on me?'”

The D’Amelio show gives fans of the famous TikTok family a behind-the-scenes look at life with influencer siblings Dixie and Charli, 17, and their parents, Marc and Heidi D’Amelio, as they browse social media. Dixie speaks throughout the series about the hate she receives, crying in one scene and saying it makes her feel like she doesn’t “deserve anything.”

“I try to do whatever I can to improve myself, and it just gets worse. They break every thing I do and make it a negative thing,” she sobs. “Everyone separates everything I say and do and how I look. I know these are just people’s opinions, but it hurts so much.… Anyone can show emotions or talk about things, and everyone The world supports them. But no matter how long I speak of literal s— I’ve lived, it doesn’t matter. It’s a joke, and it’s not at all. ” The D’Amelio show is streaming now on Hulu.

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