Big Bang Theory FCC Complaints: CBS, TBS Get Pummeled


What viewers complain the most to the FCC about when it comes to The Big Bang Theory. SCS

After twelve seasons, CBS’s The Big Bang Theory came to a screeching halt in May 2019. Outside of the show’s most dedicated fans, the general public weren’t too heartbroken to see this one go. Despite high marks, The Big Bang Theory has never been the most cutting-edge, insightful, or critically acclaimed sitcom.

Although we’re two years away from the show’s end, it’s always fun to review the reactions from those viewers who have been particularly upset with the content of The Big Bang Theory. Some are so passionate that they lodge formal complaints to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the government agency responsible for overseeing what is broadcast on television. These recordings reveal that viewers will find something to complain about in almost any TV show, from HBO Game of thrones at AMC The walking dead and even ABC is lighter Modern family.

Observer filed a Freedom of Information Act request about three weeks ago for complaints about The Big Bang Theory, which is not the first time a point of sale has scented around this series. The agency responded with 45 pages of documents dating from October 2014 to the present day, which detail the complaints filed against The Big Bang Theory and provide an overview of the most significant moments of the show. Some viewers were less than enthusiastic about the show referring to sexual or explicit content, as well as the “disturbing” commercials aired during the show. big Bangis diffused.

Whatever the subject, each complaint provides us with, at the very least, a interesting description of what was broadcast that was deemed so offensive by those viewers. We will let them speak for themselves.

Big Bang Theory TV Assessments

The Big Bang Theory Michael Yarish / Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

The content of the show is too explicit

CBS Television Stations is a division of the CBS Entertainment Group of ViacomCBS, which owns and operates a specific group of US television stations. CBS generally cannot broadcast explicit and blatant content such as profanity, but some complaints filed with the FCC reveal that some viewers were still upset by the implications of some of the comments. big Bangthe dialogue of.

“The Monday following The Big Bang Theory (I think) “genitals” was used and tonight (10/5/2015) “male genitalia” was also used on The Big Bang Theory”Said one viewer. Even in its most clinical form, the innuendo of private parts was too much for this one audience member to handle. They then assured the FCC that their mind had actually been in the gutter ever since, “It’s words like these that my mind ‘hangs on’ and records in my memory.”

A handful of complaints read as if viewers were too eager to share that they understood the vanilla version of the naughty jokes. “When broadcasting The Big Bang Theory one of the main characters said “What a cat,” said a Denver, Colorado resident. “It’s clearly just a short form of the word pussy.” How clever! Someone should recruit this Denverite for a game of Hangman.

A question I have for those who complain about profanity is: what is is the limit? A viewer from Williamstown, West Virginia, claimed they were “watching The Big Bang Theory on CBS at 9:00 p.m. [and the] the word “bite” was used. This word is very offensive and should not be used in particular on a program rated PG. If you think “dick” is grossly offensive or unsuitable for PG rated programming, I have bad news for you.

CBS's The Big Bang Theory will end with its 12th season.

CBS’s Big Bang Theory Michael Yarish / CBS

Ads served during broadcast are offensive

Many of the FCC complaints filed against The Big Bang Theory have nothing to do with the show itself, but rather the advertising for other programs broadcast during commercial breaks.

“My wife and I were watching one of our favorite shows on TBS tonight,” one viewer explained. “During a commercial break, TBS ran an advertisement for another of their shows, Type of family. It showed a shirtless, overweight man on all fours having his breasts milked by another man. I don’t have children but I can only imagine if I did, having to explain what they just saw on TV meant. A good fallback option would be to simply explain that family guy is an animated television series that sometimes shows strange things. It’s a cartoon, people!

Another complaint filed by Greenvile, Texas about the same ad retorted, “Luckily my kid was out of the room, but really? I could take a bit of non-gratuitous nudity long before this filth. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

Not only were viewers bothered by the occasional secular publicity, some felt attack. “I was watching a replay of one of my favorite TV comedies (The Big Bang Theory) on TBS last night when I was horrified by a commercial for a new series for Samantha B… I’m not sure what the name is. In the ad, she parted her legs to reveal a massive male testicle. I felt completely assaulted.

The other viewers were so marked that they must have passed out. “Watching TBS” The Big Bang Theory between 9:12 pm and 9:15 pm on Saturday October 3, 2015, my wife and I witnessed what we BELIEVE to be obscene advertising… ”

CBS’s Big Bang Theory

Legitimate complaints

All complaints received regarding The Big Bang Theory is just as nice to make fun of. Some are legitimate, concerning closed captioning. It also turns out that these complaints are considerably more polite.

“Have a nice day. Could you please take a look at the fact that WPFO, the Fox Network of Maine, does not provide closed captioning? It might be a small thing but my husband and I are watching a half -time to The Big Bang Theory in the evening… and all the subtitles stop. If the sheer politeness of this viewer wasn’t enough to solve this problem, I don’t know what it would be. I wanna do it myself, damn it.

Even with closed captions, there were some errors that absolutely needed immediate treatment. “Subtitling for The Big Bang Theory is excruciating. Half of the things that are said don’t happen and the letters are all scrambled throughout the episode, ”said a resident of Powder Springs, Ga.

In short, the FCC complaints just give us a glimpse of the delicacy of some network TV viewers. Our favorite? From Mesa, Arizona: “I heard about The Big Bang Theory on CBS the word “horse shit”. Make sure you don’t go into that one.

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